Made during Metis: Geo-Tagged Places of Interest & Musician Connections on

In this month’s edition belonging to the Made with Metis blog series, jooxie is highlighting 2 recent college student projects which may have to do with planning a trip to new metropolitan areas. In the initial example, trainees explored brand new and better ways to get places of interest while planning travels. In the next, a student attempted to understand how and even why music artists and bands sought and found connections in a number of cities through Craigslist. Study much more related to both exciting projects following:

When selecting what to discover, explore, take, and more in the new metropolis, many people browse online research meant for reviews and also write-ups. The following is one example:

‘Hawk Hill can be a 923-foot peak in the Marin Headlands, merely north from the yellow metal Gate Connection and across the Golden Entrance strait with San Francisco, California. The hill is within often the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. ”

Or simply, if you’re Metis graduate Kalgi Shah, you possessed prefer to consider an image just like the one below to obtain a visual sense of spot rather than just studying about it.


Shah is often a travel significant other and people who’d opt to plan their adventures working with photos in the form of guide. Nevertheless she finds out many place-of-interest recommendation providers to be “painful to use. inch So the lady got to focus on creating her own product, named SNAPLOC, of which “does automatic image category and spatiotemporal analysis in an effort to recommend the main places of interest meant for traveling from a new area, ” the woman explained in the blog post around the project, which usually she achieved as the woman final job while students at Metis.Read More