Adrian Mejia

Running a store that is online offers electronic goods now is easier than ever before. As a result of nice free plans for designers, you don’t need to invest a dime to operate your site that is e-commerce for decent quantity of users. In this article, I’ll discuss just exactly how We built to market my e-book.

A 10,000-feet view description will be something similar to this:

Finished producing my system that is own to ebooks! It absolutely was harder it was fun than I thought but. Whenever re payments are finished, a webhook is delivered to my host, which grabs the e-book PDF from S3. A #Node process stamp the document and makes use of API to deliver it by e-mail

TL; DR: The e-Commerce website last stack is the annotated following:

  • Node.js (Backend processing: re payment webhooks)
  • Stripe ( re Re Payment gateway)
  • Heroku (Run host rule)
  • Netlify (Host static files)
  • Amazon S3 (Host assets)
  • CircleCI (Test code and generate assets)
  • Mailgun (emails platform)

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