The Patriot Act has a better purpose than could be imagined.

A case was brought on his behalf against him and other issues that were in violation of his Constitutional rights because he was jailed for so long with no charges filed. The evening before his case was to be heard by the Supreme Court charges were finally filed against him. It really is thought that this was only done this that the Supreme Court will never hear the case considering that the Bush Administration might have been found guilty of wrongdoing. Ironically, no charges were filed that had to do because of the allegations of his supposed involvement to detonate a “dirty bomb.” He had been charged with lesser and less specific crimes though Attorney General Ashcroft had stated as he was detained that the data against Padilla was overwhelming. He was subjected to and the length of time he was detained he was not mentally competent to stand trial before he was set to stand trial, Padilla’s attorney tried to argue that because of the torture. A judge ruled he was eventually found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison (Martinez, 2007) that he was competent and.Read More