Martini Meinreiss – Cannafest 2017

For a long time i’ve been invested in improvement in German drug policy. In 2015, We founded the initial regional office for the German Hemp Association. Since then, i have already been devoting myself to legalization that is full-time holding talkswith representatives from all events, informing in the road, keeping lectures being invited to conversation sessions.

We organized a multi-day seminar in Erlach, the fourth time the GMM in Augsburg and different events on the subject of cannabis.

My concern is more lobbying in politics, also for A european degree. Thus I do not just communicate with users of the Bundestag while the European Parliament, but In addition make an effort to make contact with the conservative politicians. One outcome is, as an example, the function “Legalize it?”

Is it your first-time to Prague?

I favor Prague and been times that are here several.

Just What message would you aspire to get across for the cannabis industry?

That times are changing and then we need certainly to place more strain on the politics.Read More